No way this can happen!

No way this can happen!

Imagine walking into your office one morning at 7:30 when you’re typically the first to arrive. This time, there are four or five colleagues who beat you into the office. One of them bought coffee and another bought bagels and donuts. They’re from different departments and are already working on a project together, getting along well, and happily solving perplexing issues. The project is on time and on budget. The results are extraordinary.

How did this all happen? Could it happen for you?

Think about your organization as it is today. Consider the leadership, the teams, the mission.

Now, visualize your organization doing its best work on its best day, like the one you’ve just imagined.

That’s where we start when we begin the process of a brand and culture alignment.

An alignment enables your company to clearly understand its brand, what the brand stands for, and whether or not employees are moving in the same direction to uphold its promise. In other words, it helps your organization identify its “True North,” develop ways to stay the course, and offer you guidance as you do.

Why does this matter?

Because it’s easy to craft a well-written mission or vision statement. But words on paper will never guarantee results. Only a unified and committed work force who understands the company’s True North and contributes excellence in its pursuit can bring the words to life.

With alignment, employee engagement goes up; absenteeism goes down. Profits go up; mistakes go down. Morale goes up; complaints go down.

Is this really possible?

Well, it’s not magic, although it might seem to be. It’s more science, smart action and thoughtful communication that get everyone clear about the company mission and their role in preserving it.

Schedule a Brand and Culture Alignment to make the seemingly impossible a real-life scenario in your organization, every single day.

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