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My team and I were pleased with this unique team-building experience. Compared to other similar exercises this process was simple and very straightforward. The results were easy to understand and I believe provided a clear path to improved team performance.

EVP Major Accounts, AT&T

Getting different production teams to work together is like herding cats. The BCAT process pulled our people out of their silos, shifted them from passive-aggressive to collaborative, and cut down the noise. As a result, we’re working together to get more done faster, and we’re sharing rather than fighting over and duplicating resources, and saving money.

HBO VP of Documentary Production

We learned more about our company’s Brand and how best to communicate it in a few hours with BCAT than we did working over several months with marketing consultants.

NJ Accounting Firm Owner/partner

I’d like to learn more.

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Upcoming Dates:

Project leaders looking for an innovative way to launch new projects or get struggling efforts back on track

HR leaders looking for a proven method to boost enterprise engagement

Business owners and executives looking to accelerate growth and increase productivity

Marketing, Business, and HR consultants looking to strengthen their portfolio of services

How to confidently and accurately explain the benefits, concepts, and principles of Brand and Culture Alignment to your colleagues, partners, clients, and prospects.

How to authoritatively describe the BCAT Model of Brand and Culture to your colleagues, partners, clients, and prospects.

How to use BCAT Schemas to launch, manage, and successfully complete BCAT projects.

How to Interpret and explain BCAT Reports, analytics, and results.

How to Integrate the BCAT into the way your Team works.

What Will We Cover?

  • Foundational BCAT Concepts and Definitions
  • The BCAT Standard Model of Brand and Culture
  • BCAT Step Zero: The Incorporating Question and Launching a BCAT Project
  • Interpreting and Applying BCAT Step One (Consonance) Report

Day 2, 4 Hours

  • Facilitating the BCAT Step Two (Resonance) Role Target Discovery Workshop
  • Understanding, Articulating and Applying the BCAT Role Target
  • Facilitating the BCAT Step Three (Alignment) Workshop
  • Interpreting and Applying the BCAT Step Three (Alignment) Report
  • Integrating BCAT within your Portfolio of Services
  • Tuition USD$2495 per person, including:
  • Online training, plus free refresher attendance in future training sessions (as space permits)
  • All materials, worksheets, and example BCAT schemas and reports in electronic format
  • $2500 credit for future BCAT services
  • 8 hours of online consultation