How to Align and Inspire Any Team

The (Virtual) Team Meeting that Changes Everything

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.”

— Sundar PIchai

Equality, inclusiveness, social justice… These aren’t just talking points. They’re values you live.

They’re woven throughout the fabric of your Culture. They’re proclaimed by your signature Brand.

And, when you Align everyone on your Team with your Purpose and Inspire each of them to become their Best Self, you become an unstoppable force.

We call this Brand and Culture Alignment, and, whether you’re a partner in a small firm, the leader of a department or division, or the head of a large company, you can learn and use it to Align and Inspire any Team.

Next Webinar: September 22, 2020 1 PM US ET

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About the Webinar
What will I learn?

Next Webinar: September 22, 2020, 1 PM US ET (45 Minutes)


“Our power comes not from suppressing others, but from uplifting them.”
– Sakyong Mipham

Decades of research erases all doubt. Enterprise Engagement is real, it can be measured, and it can be improved.

Beyond promoting workplace positivity and enhancing morale, increased Engagement pays off in both top- and bottom-line operating performance and total business valuation. (You’ll find our engagement ROI calculator here.)

We’ve discovered that Engagement isn’t just a needle, it’s a knob that you can learn to dial up. “How to Align and Inspire Any Team” will share our discoveries and teach you our innovative method for boosting engagement among all the members of your Team with the values, virtues, and purpose they share.

About the Presenter

“How to Align and Inspire Any Team” will be presented by Al Cini, the innovator behind the methods and instruments in our Brand and Culture Alignment Toolkit. He’ll be explaining how you can apply our three priniciples of Brand and Culture Alignment to Align and Inspire the members of your Team.

I Introduction
Organizing and Preparing Your Alignment Meeting
  • What is Alignment? Why does it matter?
  • Step Zero: The Incorporating Question
  • Crafting and sending the invitation to your Alignment meeting
  • The importance of including every voice
  • Special considerations for conducting Alignment meetings online
II BCAT Step One: Consonance
Are we all singing from the same sheet of music?
  • What is Consonance?
  • Understanding ourselves, each other, and our shared Purpose
  • Visualizing the “Best Self” that personifies our Team when we’re doing our Best Work on our Best Day
III BCAT Step Two: Resonance
Is the sound we’re making music to the ears of the community we serve?
  • What is Resonance?
  • How role models accelerate Team evolution by increasing individual engagement
  • Revealing the signature Role Target that represents our Team’s ideal Best Self
IV BCAT Step Three: Alignment
Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Our Role Target as a point of Alignment for our Team
  • Visualizing my Best Self as a member of my Team
  • Learning to help each other Walk our Talk
V Maintaining Positive Change
Living our Team’s Brand and Culture
  • Keeping all our promises, achieving all our goals
  • Personal Alignment Plans
  • Continuous Alignment Meetings