Imagine your Team

Aligned with your Purpose

Inspired to be its Best Self

Imagine Yourself

as a Leader equipped with the tools and skills to Align and Inspire any Team – over and over again

Become a BCAT Certified Practitioner

  • How to confidently and accurately explain the benefits, concepts, and principles of Brand and Culture Alignment to your colleagues, partners, clients, and prospects.
  • How to authoritatively describe the BCAT Model of Brand and Culture to your colleagues, partners, clients, and prospects.
  • How to use BCAT Schemas to launch, manage, and successfully complete BCAT projects.
  • How to Interpret and explain BCAT Reports, analytics, and results.
  • How to Integrate the BCAT into the way your Team works.

Day 1, 90 minutes

  • Prerequisites for BCAT Certified Practitioners
  • What is the BCAT? What Does it Do? Who is it for?
  • Defining Brand and Culture, Explaining Our Concepts
  • Understanding Role Models and Role Targets
  • Writing and Asking the Incorporating Question
  • The BCAT Model of Brand and Culture (Intro)
  • What’s in the Brand and Culture Alignment Toolkit?
  • Launching a BCAT Team Project

Day 1, 90 minutes

  • What is Consonance?
  • Using Schema One to Complete BCAT Step One
  • Interpreting BCAT Step One Results and Report
  • Calculating and Mapping Consonance
  • Understanding and Interpreting the Index of Consonance

Day 2, 60 minutes

  • What is Resonance?
  • Using Schema 2 to Complete BCAT Step Two
  • Interpreting BCAT Step Two Results and Report
  • Calculating and Mapping Resonance
  • Understanding and Interpreting Index of Resonance, Index of Alignment
  • “Align and Inspire” – Recommended Alignments

Day 2, 60 minutes

  • What is Alignment? How do we know we’re becoming more aligned?
  • Using Schema 3 to Gather Behavioral Norms
  • Interpreting BCAT Step Three Results and Report
  • Using BCAT to Align a Team’s Brand and Culture
  • Inspiring Continuous Improvement
  • A Platform for Self-Motivated and -Guided Change

Day 2, 60 minutes

  • Commercial Terms and Pricing
  • Practical Review of the BCAT Process
  • BCAT Suggested Retail and Certified Practitioner Pricing
  • BCAT as a Platform for Continuous Transformation
  • Suggestions for Integrating the BCAT Into Your Workplace and Practice

Tuition USD$795 per person, including:

  • Online training, plus free refresher attendance in future training sessions (as space permits)
  • All materials, worksheets, and example BCAT schemas and reports in electronic format
  • $2500 credit for future BCAT services
  • 8 hours of online consultation

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